Maintenance of Street lighting along Mombasa road from Nyayo Stadium to the JKIA entry roundabout

Mombasa-Road-JKIA-Roundabout-Street-Lighting-Project-Mordecai-Consulting_engineers-Day-4Mombasa-Road-JKIA-Roundabout-Street-Lighting-Project-Mordecai-Consulting_engineersMombasa-Road-JKIA-Roundabout-Street-Lighting-Project-Mordecai-Consulting_engineers-Day-2Mombasa-Road-JKIA-Roundabout-Street-Lighting-Project-Mordecai-Consulting_engineersThe project involves rehabilitating the installation to make sure every item is in good working order. The system has to be manned for 24 hours to deal with maintenance issues vandalism and destruction through vehicle accidents. The last contract was for Kshs 138 million for 2 years from 27th  May, 2015  to 26th May, 2017.The present contract is for 2years from 14th July, 2017  to 13th July, 2019. M/s Match Electricals Ltd has been the main contractor while client consultants is KeNHA. Mordecai Consulting Engineers has been providing consultancy services to Match Electricals Ltd.