Replacement of the 66Kv JUJA overhead transmission Line

This involved the removal of existing wooden poles and replacement with concrete poles. It was a dual circuit line from Tana power station to the Juja National Control Centre.  One of the circuits was live. In addition, the lines had to be strengthened due to the rising demand of power. Therefore, the conductors used were 300mm square as opposed to the 150mm square previously used in the older system. Each line is 10.5 km starting slightly before crossing the Juja farm Road and ending at the Thika town sewage treatment works. The works commenced in August 2013 and were completed by May 2017. The contract amount was Kshs 16 million. M/S Match Electricals Ltd were the main contractors while Mordecai Consulting Engineers were their in house consultant. Supervision was by KPLC who was the client.